Who’s Marie?

Marie Watkins Ottawa Internet Marketing | Marketing Strategics

Background & Purpose

Marie Watkins is Chief Instigator (yeah, you read that right…) at Marketing Strategics, an Online Marketing agency whose purpose is to help businesses implement sound Reputation Marketing strategies and systems to attract new customers, keep them coming back over and over, AND have them tell all their friends how they should do business with YOU!

Her business background includes being Owner & President of C.H.H. Industrial Machines Inc., an equipment dealership located in Montréal where she developed her marketing skills.

Focus was on using proven marketing strategies, technology and systems to reach prospects, and to position herself and her company as experts in the field.

Consistent implementation and refinement of this marketing system helped the business grow into 7-figures in yearly sales.

Marie’s experience also includes working at IHS and KPMG, global corporations where she contributed in Marketing and Sales.

In line with her desire to help business owners thrive, she currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the West Ottawa Board of Trade.


Coaching, Training, and Teaching

Not only does Marie enjoy being a lifelong learner, but she also enjoys sharing what she learns as a teacher and coach.  She has taught everything from French as a second language, to business start-up & technology, to skydiving.

Marie Watkins in Canadian Women's Record Skydive

Marie has spent numerous hours teaching others how to experience the thrill of a first parachute jump, and for those hardy enough to continue, freefall.

She has taught over 1,000 students in class, and personally dispatched over 400. (Seriously, that’s a lot of people…)

And not a single refusal in the bunch!
Not. Even. One.

Why? Because she wanted her students to succeed, and wasn’t going to let any passing negative thoughts get in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they would talk about for days and weeks, and remember forever!


Commitment to Success

Her feelings are the same about her clients, Marie is committed to having them experience greater success in their business, with more sales to new customers and existing clients.

Marketing Strategics’ purpose is to help businesses leverage the power of Online Marketing to achieve greater sales results, improved profit margins and an army of raving customers and fans for their business!


Current Training  & Publications


WHAT’S YOUR REPUTATION WORTH? Doing Business In The New Reputation Economy




Marie Watkins Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business Online


Her hard copy book,Marie Watkins’ Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business Online” was written with small business owners in mind, to help them make the most of the 24/7 selling capabilities of the Web!