Canadian Internet Marketing Surpasses Print

Stop the Presses! Canadian Internet Ads Hit $2.2 billion in 2010!

Is This Internet Web Thing Going to Take Off?

I actually heard that at ONE BBSCON back in 1992… And the answer is: Yeah, I think so!

Big news today – Canadian Internet Ads Hit $2.2 billion in 2010. This week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada announced that revenues from advertising online increased 23% from 2009 to 2010 and passed daily papers, which raised $2.1 billion in ad revenues last year.

TV is still in the top spot, for now, having generated $3.4 billion, but it’s losing traction having only grown at a rate of just 9% from 2009.

Internet Marketing is Key for Local Business

More and more businesses are realizing that they get much better sales results, which they can also track and measure more easily, from online marketing. If your bricks & mortar business is targeting a local market, that makes online marketing even more appealing. And then there’s the newcomer to Internet Marketing which is Mobile.

Taking the Internet Mobile

Mobile Internet Advertising is playing a significant part here. Although still comparatively small at $31.9 million in Canada for 2009, Mobile Internet Marketing grew at a rate of 169% year over year, according to a report published by the IAB in April. And with smartphones proliferating like dandelions in Spring, revenues from mobile ads are expected to hit the $51 million mark for 2010.

Multiple Online Channels

That 2.2 billion figure breaks down like this:
– Search engine advertising: $907 million
– Display ads: $688 million
– Classifieds and Directories: $587 million

Online Video is Hot

Online video ads on YouTube and other video sharing sites, had significant growth, leaping to $37 million from just $20 million in 2009.
However, you can take full advantage of video sites to drive traffic to your business without necessarily buying advertising. Using your videos as part of a strategic Online Marketing campaign can work nicely to bring in new customers.

You can find more of the CBC story here:

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