New Book: Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business Online

This new book, Marie Watkins’ Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online – Harness the Power of the Internet to Capture Your Local Market was written as a guide to Online Marketing for business owners.

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Why is it that so few small companies make effective use of the Internet for marketing, promotion and lead generation, when it is indeed a perfect channel to propagate a marketing message? Probably because online marketing is somewhat misunderstood by owners operating in the “offline” world. This book is an easy read that sheds light on the topic and provides concise information on how to market a business online.

Here’s just a bit of what’s to be found in this handbook:

– How to know if your website has a split personality?
– You can’t make everyone happy. And that’s a good thing!
– Do you know where your customers are hiding?
– Modesty is not a virtue (on your website, anyway)

This handy guide is for those who might want to do their own Online Marketing, or for those people who just want to have a better understanding of how Online Marketing works when they contract with someone to do it for them.

This is not an exhaustive work on Internet Marketing by any means, but it’s enough to get anyone started… If you would rather stick to your area of expertise and let us do the work, Marketing Strategics is ready to help. Just click here to get in touch!

Marie Watkins is Chief Instigator at Marketing Strategics, whose corporate mission is to help business owners harness the power of the Internet to achieve greater sales volume, improved profit margins, and an army of raving customers and fans for their business!

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