Local Business Marketing In Ottawa

Need New Customers And Loyal Clients?

Our job is to get you more well-paying customers, plain and simple.

While we’re at it, let’s also clear up some misconceptions about Online Marketing…

1. I have a website, where are the hordes of new customers?
Truth is, if prospects are not finding your local directory listings, social media, reviews or website, they’re buying from your competition!

2. I’m still doing offline advertising, that’s good enough isn’t it?
You can bet that your healthiest competitors are embracing Online Marketing. Why should you let them have all the gold and the glory – especially the gold?

3. What the heck is Social Media & Web 3.0, and what do I do with it?
According to the latest Internet Marketing stats, if you’re not promoting your business though these channels, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, YouTube, blogging, etc., you may not have a viable business 5 years from now!

4. Mobile is just for kids, isn’t it?
Hmmmm, not so much. Smartphones and tablets are overtaking PCs and laptops as the computing device of choice for adults. If your marketing message is not where most people are now looking – that’s their mobile device – your business might as well be invisible…

5. What about these new coupon services where you give 60%-70% off?
Well, experience tells us that “deep deep discounts” typically don’t attract long-term repeat clients who value your offering. You’ll usually get the freebie hunters who just want the deal and never return…

Of course what we offer isn’t for everyone… What we offer is for those business owners who are committed to growing their business, and have the capacity to do so. If you’re open to the possibilities, let’s discuss how you envision your business growing, and how we can help you get there!

Let’s talk about it over a coffee. Call 613-691-1221, extension 101 or send an email to results@marketingstrategics.biz